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Welcome to ACADEMY

Welcome to ACADEMY

Nepal's popularity as an important tourist destination for adventure tourism, in mountaineering and trekking, is now a well accepted fact. Many tourists are attracted towards Nepal because of the highest peak Mount Everest and other snow covered peaks, which are more than 8000m high. Nepal earns sizeable amount of foreign currency through mountain tourism; Nepalese mountaineers have earned name and fame in the field of international mountaineering and the adventure tourism will continue to be one of the major tourist attractions in future as well. Although Nepal has famous mountaineers and guides, however the demand is much higher than supply of such expertise and human resources. In this context, creating adequate number of human resources and mountaineering experts and professionals has become a pressing need of Nepalese mountain tourism sector. Available Nepalese experts could train and educate many prospective mountain tourism professionals in a rather cost effective manner in our own country and these trained Nepalese mountaineers could earn a good living within the country and on international market. In this background, the idea of creating a dedicated institution to focus on developing human resources, creating institutional environment for training and education on mountain tourism led to formation of Nepal Mountain Academy (NMA) in 2002.


Ever since its foundation NMA's contribution to the mountain tourism development in producing through training the required mid-level human resources has been highly appreciated by tourism stakeholders in Nepal. National Strategic Tourism Plan of Nepal (formulated in 2013 and updated in 2014) has strongly recommended for reviewing the status of the Nepal Mountain Academy and further strengthening it. The national strategy also has appreciated the fact that NMA is initiating a 4-year Bachelor in Mountain Studies, with the first two years delivered in Kathmandu and the final two years at a new facility built in an area of 140 hectares in Garma (Solukhumbu district). All these facts substantiate that there is strong alignment of NMA’s mandate and goals with national development goals, especially contributing towards development of required technical skills and expertise such a guides and mid-level human resources for the mountain tourism sector.

NMA has been quite successful in attracting Nepalese youths for short-term and medium level of trainings and contributing to human resource development on mountain tourism related adventure, trekking, and mountaineering. Recently, NMA has received the authority for issuing certificates to the participants of skill development training upon successful completion and passing the skill/knowledge test With regards to development of academic course on mountain studies, curricula for Mountaineering Studies (BMS) has been finalized and approved. The course combines theoretical as well as practical skills/knowledge on Mountain Culture Environment and Tourism related fields. The BMS course is designed to span over 4 years having a total of 8 semesters, two each in a year and a total of 129 credit hours. NMA in collaboration with academic institutions and professionals engaged in mountain studies has initiated development of Master’s course on Adventure Tourism Studies which will be part of NMA’s vision of developing itself as Mountain Tourism related Centre of Excellence (assuring international standards and attaining global reputation by delivering high quality training and education). NMA has potential for such growth and moving towards excellence–as the context offers many advantages such Nepal being a mountainous country, having cultural diversity closely linked with its diverse natural and physical environment – all these factors present opportunities for designing and delivering training and academic courses based on sound theoretical knowledge and practical experiences. NMA wishes to draw on and mobilize the rich human resource base that Nepal has on mountaineering, trekking, mountain development, mountain/adventure tourism development. Lately, NMA is closely collaborating with Nepal National Mountain Guide Association for joint trainings through exchange of trainers and course instructors.


All these discussed matters of fact strongly qualify NMA to develop itself into a full -fledged higher learning institution of university level.


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